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Kids Friday Night Out 

Kids Friday Night Out is a community event for children ages 5-12 years old.  The goal of this event is to give parents a safe and friendly place to bring their children to have fun and interact with new friends on a Friday night.


During this event children will get a chance to participate and enjoy lots of games & team competitions such as; basketball, jump rope, relays, book story readings (age appropriate), movies, small group activities, freeze tag, Simon says, red light green light, four squares and many more age appropriate activities.


Our professional staff consist of HHB/BBI adult workers and high school student volunteers. Parents must sign up, register and pay for each child (discounts are available for families with multiple children) before they can participate in this event.


Parents may not drop their child off in the parking lot.  Parent must come inside the building and sign their child in for the event. You will be given a claim ticket for each child. Parents are expect to pick their child up no later than 8:15pm. Upon picking up your child, you will need the claim ticket or else your child may be taken to the nearest zoo.


HHB/BBI will not provide food for this event. We ask that you feed your child prior to bringing them to this event. Children may bring also bring a light snack and drink if they wish.


Hoop Hunter Basketball/Building Believers Inc.’s code of conduct:

Each child must respect the authority of all our staff. If for some reason this can’t be achieved by way of reasonable request, we will request that you pick up your child immediately.

“We want the Children to have respectful, friendly Friday night fun.”


Dates:  October 17th & December 5th

Drop off:  5:30-6:00pm / Pickup:  8:00-8:15pm

Activities:  6:00-8:00pm

Cost:  $25.00 for first child, $20 for each additional child in the same family

Location:  Hoop Hunter Gym, 10600 Dunham Rd. Roanoke

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