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Building Believer families,  

As we approach a new year we reflect on the affect Covid has had on our youth.  There are many reports that state that our youth continue to struggle emotionally, physically, and spiritually as they continue to try to find their footing and place in this world.  With the continued influence of social media, our youth need positive affirmation more than ever to strengthen their character.  We at Building Believers and Hoop Hunter Basketball are committed to be the light in the lives of our youth providing positive affirmation and confidence building to carry them forward.  We want to be the place where our youth can continue to grow and thrive as successful student athletes.

As schools have opened up and community outreach is possible after Covid, we have already begun to go out into the community and touch hearts and change lives through a variety of programs:

  • This fall we began a partnership with Academy4, a church-based organization, to mentor elementary age kids who attend schools located in Title One districts who are underserved by providing: team building, leadership skills, confidence building, physical exercise and basketball skills training as well as teaching self-discipline and developing healthy mental attitudes through the game of basketball.

  • We have already begun to provide our Random Acts of Kindness community wide basketball events to reach kids and families in communities where we are constantly making an impact by touching lives through the joy of basketball.


  • In addition, Deon continues to joyfully speak at elementary, middle and high schools as requested to provide encouragement and affirmation to players.  Events have included FCA, Fort Worth Christian, Decatur Middle School with several other event requests planned for the future.

This year we know the challenges of the economy and the threat of recession have made money tight for many, but we ask you to “help us help the kids” so that together we can be the light to those whom the economy has impacted to a greater extent than the norm: our youth.  Your financial support helps us with travel costs, supplies, and preparation so that we can reach the community and make an impact on youth everywhere we go.   Thank you for your continued partnership.  Thank you for “helping us help the kids!”


Deon Hunter, Founder/President

Building Believers, Inc. 

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