Dear Family and Friends,

Children grow up very fast and become teenagers and then young adults.  Each year hundreds of school aged children who participate in youth sports deal with issues such as acceptance, low self-esteem, low self-confidence and self-doubt.


We believe that kids must be built up and affirmed if they’re going to have a chance at becoming self-sufficient, confident and responsible members throughout society.

In the picture below each of these young men had their own moments when they were doubtful, unsure of themselves, unassertive and/or lacked the self-drive needed to compete with their peers.  But with consistent and positive coaching and Christ-centered mentorship, each one improved in areas that helped them grow and feel more confident.

Deep in the heart of every child lies something very special. Not all children will become professional, college or even high school athletes, but through the participation in a well-defined, positive training program all children can develop their God-given gifts and become confident, self-driven, hardworking and high achieving young adults! 

BBI hopes to also extend our partnership with elementary, middle, high school & college coaches, youth organizations & church youth groups to offer meaningful outreach sports based and Christ-centered speaking engagements to areas outside of our local community as well as improve our facility to provide more programming.    

“When you invest and build up a child, you invest and build up the family; when you invest and build up the family, you invest and build up the community and then society.”  DH

Help us invest in the future of children and touch hearts for Christ.


With Warm Regards,

Deon Hunter, Founder

Speaking engagements

Deon Hunter has been asked to speak on a monthly basis at Denton High School FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).


He feels privileged and honored to spend time with young teenage student-athletes;  speaking with them about Jesus, sports, character building, integrity, personal responsibility, team work, academics, personal experiences, how walking with Christ has impacted his life and how to lead others to Christ by setting good examples.