Building Believers families,  

We had all hoped that this year would be back to usual operations in this country with the pandemic behind us, but it continues to linger on through the delta variant and continued health protocols.  But through it all, we at Building Believers have continued to maintain a positive attitude and have found ways to continue to touch hearts and reach out to those in our community.  Not only do youth sports continue to provide a physical outlet to offset the roller coaster of emotions, but provide a place to receive affirmation, encouragement, and continued hope for the future.  We want to continue to provide a place where our youth can grow and thrive as athletes and as people. 

This year we have been cultivating opportunities to go out into the community and minister to youth providing encouragement and hope through the game of basketball. 


Beginning in January:

  • We will be partnering with Academy4, a church-based organization to mentor elementary-age kids who attend schools located in title one districts who are underserved by providing: team building, leadership skills, confidence building, physical exercise & basketball skills training as well as teaching self-discipline and developing healthy mental attitudes through the game of basketball.


  • Our hope is to also partner with the local parks and recreation centers in title one districts to provide ongoing community basketball training and mentorship programs.


  • And last, we will be restarting our "Random Acts of Kindness" community-wide basketball clinics to reach kids and families in communities where we can make an impact by touching hearts and lives through the joy of basketball.


We ask that you join us in gearing up to go out into our community and bring joy, hope, and a renewed sense of mind and body.  You can help us prepare to bring life back to our youth through the love of basketball!  You can help us provide hope and encouragement to youth in our community and beyond by your tax-deductible donation.


Deon Hunter, Founder/President

Building Believers, Inc.