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Building Believer families,  

This season of giving we have loftier goals, but for good reasons.  We want to equip our gym with an air conditioner which will enable students to focus on their improvement and not the heat and we also want to expand our mentorship and leadership through the game to children throughout the North Texas Region.


This summer, we experienced a record of 44 days of temperatures over 100.  Our gym is equipped with fans and coolers, but not enough to fend off the trending Texas heat.  Despite the heat, students continued to improve their skills and our trainers did what they could to keep our students cool.  A facility equipped to handle the heat would allow our students to focus on improving their skills instead of focusing on the heat.  


For over 30 years, we have impacted students in our community, with several generations of families that return time and time again to allow us to build up their children.  We pride ourselves on touching hearts and touching lives through the game we all love and we believe we make a difference in the community as our players are trained up in the way they should go so they may not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6.   Our students can attest to the difference it has made in their lives:


Twelve years ago, I was welcomed into the Hoop Hunter/Building Believers family.  Deon became a mentor to me and never wavered in his belief in me.   When times were difficult, he took me under his wing and displayed kindness and encouragement.  Deon saw me as someone to build up rather than cast out.  As a man now, I am blessed to consider Deon as a friend, mentor and spiritual leader.  Above all, he instilled in me an unbreakable belief and trust in the Lord.   R. Riker


Building Believers, Inc. is the non-profit engine which funds the work we do whether it is out in the community or within Hoop Hunter Basketball.  We believe that children are to be encouraged and built up to propel them forward on and off the court which we accomplish through mentorships and skills training off-site and on-site. 

We want to continue to spread the gospel in our community and beyond.  Last year we began a partnership with Academy4, a church based organization, to mentor elementary age kids located in Title One districts.  We provided team building, leadership skills, confidence building, and basketball skills training in addition to self discipline and assisted in developing a healthy mental attitude through the game of basketball.  This year, we want to expand and travel to even more schools and touch the hearts and lives of more children across the region. Our goal is to raise funds to support our outreach efforts outside the gym as well as to add an air conditioning system to support efforts inside the gym. 


Your donation would be the biggest investment in the children of our community and we are asking for your help.  The cost of an installed air conditioning system would be $90,000 therefore our goal is to raise the funds for the cost of the unit and to support our expanded community efforts.   Help us help the kids by donating to this campaign and watch the return of your investment in the smiles of those we serve!   


Deon Hunter, Founder/President

Building Believers, Inc. 

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