Hoop Hunter families,


We began 2020 with hopeful expectations, but Covid-19 changed things for everyone in March as the country faced a pandemic like we’d never known in our recent history.  Schools shut down, students attempted virtual learning, milestones missed and all extracurricular activities came to a halt.  Our youth had to navigate a different normal without their usual coping mechanisms including youth sports.   They had to find new ways of passing the time and new ways of communicating with their friends, teachers and family.  In the midst of the pandemic resilience did blossom as kids learned how to occupy their time at home, but team sports, team camaraderie and healthy competition were still missing.  

We all had hoped that as the country opened back up the pandemic would be behind us as we approached the school year and sports seasons, but we still have virtual learning, quarantines and isolation.  Through it all, we at Hoop Hunter Basketball have maintained a positive attitude and have found ways to continue to touch hearts and reach out to those in our community through phone conversations, video chats, video teachings and limited in-person training.  We know that not only does youth sports provide a physical outlet to offset the roller coaster of emotions, but also provides a place to receive encouragement, reassurance and a renewed hope for a future beyond this pandemic.  We want to continue to be a beacon of hope and provide a sense of normalcy for our youth as we all await days that look more like they once did.

As we end this year, we continue to remain positive about the future and anticipate the many opportunities, post pandemic, to go out into the community and minister to youth providing encouragement and hope and to bring back the smiles to their faces and joy to their lives.   In anticipation of a post pandemic year of 2021, we ask that you join us in gearing up to go out into our community as soon as we can and bring joy, hope and a renewed mind and body through small group events in areas of need around us.  You can help us prepare to bring life back to our youth through the love of basketball!

I prayerfully ask that you continue partnering with us by donating online or you may send your financial donation by mail to: BBI, P.O. Box 2045, Roanoke, Texas 76262.

Make checks payable to Building Believers Inc.

Your 100% tax-deductible donation to our 501(c) 3 organization would be tremendously appreciated.


No donation is considered too small.



Deon Hunter