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Basketball Skills & Concepts of the Game Tune-Up 

White Settlement 3th/4th Grade Girls Team 


What: Basketball Skills & Concepts of the Game Tune-Up 

Where: HHB Facility 

When: Saturday, May 7th 

Time: 2pm-4pm 

Instructors: HHB Experienced Trainers 

Focus: Ball Handling, Fundamentals of Shooting and Passing 


  1. Control dribble, speed dribble, sharp low cross over, between the leg dribble, retreat dribble, how to protect your dribble, and how to dribble with your eyes up while advancing your sight. 

  1. How to pop out, catch, square up and drive. 

  1. How to dribble without turning your back to the defender. 

  1. How to penetrate and stop (using a jump stop) and pass. 

  1. How to make proper passes (chest & bounce) at the right time; and how to pivot and pass after picking up your dribble. 

  1. How to lead your teammate with a pass when running the floor and while running to shoot a lay-up. 

  1. The fundamental techniques of shooting. 

  1. How to Dribble, Pass, Stop and Shoot 

HHB Drills: 

1 on 1 offense vs defense, 2 on 1 passing, 3 on 2 drills etc.…. 

Equipment: Bring Basketballs  

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