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The work of many. A product of one.

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Building Believers is a Christian based Youth Sports Basketball Organization whose goal is to build self-confidence, character and hope in the lives of children through sports-specific training.  
This is accomplished through the dedication and hard work of the organization's trainers, mentors and volunteers which is made possible with your donation.

Join Us and "help us help the kids"

Who We Are


We believe in developing meaningful partnerships with like-minded leaders to help foster personal growth, personal responsibility and self-confidence for all kids through sports-based skills training and mentorship. 


We believe in touching hearts and building up every child by encouraging them and showing each of them that we care and that all things are possible if they work hard and believe in themselves!


We offer sports specific training and mentorship to underserved communities and any community with kids who have a need that we can meet by helping kids feel special, appreciated and loved. 

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Our Partners

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